15 Tips to Get Fit Fast

February 22, 2017by Simone0

When it comes to your fitness – do you have an action plan? Are you looking to lose 5-10lbs in the next 6 weeks and get lean and cut through your mid section, arms and thighs?

Whether you want to kick start your fitness or take it to the next level – here are some sure fire ways to get motivated and ensure long term success!


    • Ask yourself why you want to get fit. Having a clear reason will motivate you every day. Write it out and post it so you can see it every day.
    • Game plan – decide which days you will be working out and put in be calendar. Start with 3 days per week.
    • Follow through – get your workouts ready. Print them or save on your phone so you can access them easily.
    • Get up 30 minutes earlier and work out first thing before work. Not only will you burn extra calories first thing in the morning but you’re more likely to get it done.
    • Find a buddy to do one or more of your workouts with. Staying accountable to someone is a powerful way to ensure consistency with your workouts.


    • Create a FOOD NO NO list and follow it for the next 30 days.
    • Create a free account on myfitnesspal app and log your food. Experts say you will be 30% more successful just by purely logging your food.
    • Be mindful of EVERY THING you put in your mouth. Ask yourself “does this food serve me? Will it energize me? Will it nourish my body”?
    • Have 5 small meals per day.
    • Make sure each meal contains a protein, vegetable and good fat (e.g. chicken, salad and olive oil vinaigrette).


    • Work the full body in one workout. You will burn more calories than working smaller muscle groups.
    • Invest in a timer. Gymboss has a good one (roughly $20) that sets your work time and rest time and keeps you going for the whole workout.
    • Maximize your reps. Go hard and get as many reps in as you can for each exercise while staying safe.
    • Get outdoors. In between workouts – go hiking, biking, roller blading, kayaking, play a summer sport like volleyball or soccer.
    • Sign up for an event like Tough Mudder, Muderella, my first triathlon. This will motivate you to stay consistent with your workouts with a tough physical end goal in sight.

Experts say you can form a habit in as little as 3 weeks and as anyone who has ever been hooked on something knows, habits are hard to break! Soon working out will be like brushing your teeth and you will WANT AND CRAVE your workouts!

Feeling overwhelmed? That’s understandable! If you need extra guidance in getting started email.

For more information about our U PROGRAM or any of our events email me at simone@ttrainerhiit.com and we can chat more about how TRAINER HIIT can help you!


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