Kelsey is our latest success update.  She just completed our TRAINERHIIT 6 WEEK Program. Here is her review in her words.

‘TRAINER HIIT is the first thing that works for my on-the-go schedule.  It makes fitness easy to fit in and clean eating super straight forward and enjoyable.’

Her success story?

Weight Loss:  Down 35 lbs
Waist 10 Inches Down
Lower Abdomen 4 Inches Down
Thigh 3 Inches Down
Arm 1 Inches Down
Over 35 inches down all over!!

Let’s give it up for Kelsey and all her discipline, sweat and hard work! 


Donna is our current Workout Warrior this month.  She just completed the TRAINERHIIT 6 week program and here is her review in her words:

‘I’m pumped about my results!  TRAINERHIIT is easy to follow and stick with.  I especially would have never thought eating clean could still be enjoyable and keep me feeling so full and satiated.”

Her success story?

Weight Loss:  Down 13 lbs
Waist 3 Inches Down
Lower Abdomen 3.5 Inches Down
Thigh 1.25 Inches Down
Arm .75 Inches Down

Let’s give it up for Donna and all her discipline, sweat and hard work! 


Training with TRAINERHIIT has motivated me and kept me more consistent with my workouts than any other exercise program I’ve tried in the past. Initially I established a realistic list of goals with my trainer that keep me focused in my workouts and day to day eating habits. Who would have thought I would actually enjoy things like quinoa and kale!
My trainer then designed an exercise program that brings variety by introducing new challenges inside and outside of the gym. These challenges drive results but also work on improving my overall fitness level and health. I now also ENJOY things like the Grouse Grind – which before I would have NEVER thought possible! My initial goal was to lose the extra pounds and inches I had slowly gained over the years. In my first 12 weeks I lost 20 pounds, 10 inches and 10% bodyfat. The best part –  I have kept it all off and am my lowest body fat % ever!


Goal: To lose pregnancy weight

“When I first started I was 6 months post-partum and frustrated with the extra baby weight I just could not seem to lose no matter what I tried. Originally all I did was cardio and weights here and there but I wasn’t sure how to put it all together and make it work. As soon as I started TRAINERHIIT  I was amazed at how consistent I became and how much I learned.

After 12 weeks  I weighed less than my pre-pregnancy weight and I am more toned than ever before. My trainer’s great energy and amazing enthusiasm has made me set my next goals even higher and I now know that with all the right tools I can achieve anything I desire”

Results in 12 weeks: down 14lbs and 9% bodyfat


Goal: to lose inches off waist and hips, tone arms and increase physical strength

THANK YOU TRAINERHIIT for the opportunity to jump start my fitness again!
This program has helped me set challenging yet attainable goals. Working with a trainer has pushed me to perform at my best and continue to improve my physical abilities. I always struggled with pushing myself in my workouts before but working with a personal trainer has taken me to a new level of fitness. It is amazing what you can achieve with a little support and encouragement.

In the first 4 weeks with my trainer I lost 5lbs, 1.5 inches off my hips and 1 inch off my waist, increased my physical strength, and saw tremendous improvements in my recovery time.

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